VantageScore’s Key Benefits

Driving inclusion through innovation.

VantageScore 4.0 sets a new standard for the credit industry by incorporating predictive modeling innovation. With more than 37 million more consumers able to be scored, lenders have more opportunities to than ever serve grow the number of borrowers served. Take a look at how VantageScore model makes it possible.

Score More Consumers

VantageScore’s 4.0 model yields an incremental predictive performance life among dormant credit consumers, as well as consumers with limited credit histories. With this technology approximately, 37 million more consumers are able to be scored than were in the past.

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Predictive Lift Across Industries

Our newest model outperforms previous models in every major credit category, with significant overall predictive lift and a 5.3% predictive lift in mortgage origination.

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More Consistent Scoring

With our patented uniform model characteristics, VantageScore scores are more consistent among the three national credit bureaus, so lenders can be more confident of the scores’ validity.

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Yearly Performance Assessments

Our analytics team runs yearly performance tests to ensure the VantageScore model continues to deliver highly predictive and consistent credit scores.

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Refreshed Data Set

VantageScore models are continually re-developed using refreshed data to reflect the latest credit products and most recent trends in consumer behavior.

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Greater Stability

VantageScore utilizes an exceptionally wide breadth of consumer credit data that allows the model to retain its predictive power even during times of economic volatility.

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Score More People with Greater Precision

VantageScore has introduced many innovations including expanding the scoreable universe and enabling lenders to reach more consumers…safely and soundly.

  • 21% of millennials have “thin files," making it difficult for lenders to see them as strong borrowers and leading to more young consumers not able to get the credit they need.

Breakdown of Newly Scoreable Consumers

Emerging Borrower/ Young File Young to credit Consumers who have only credit accounts that are less than six months in age
Dormant Infrequent or rare users of credit Consumers who haven't had an update/reporting on their credit files in the past six months but have had updates more than six months ago
No Trades Have only external collections, public records and inquiries on their file Consumers who have no credit accounts but are scored based on external collections and public records on their file

Demographic Breakdown

Newly scoreable Scores 620+
Total 37 Million 13.03 Million
Black and Hispanic 10.73 Million 3.06 Million
Asian / Pacific Islander 1.43 Million <1 Million
White 24.24 Million 9.21 Million
Native American 305,274 89,287
  • Approximately 37 million more Americans can be scored by our models.

  • 16% of newly scored Americans are African-American or Hispanic (see table below)