VantageScore® Releases Results of its Annual Model Performance Assessment

June 30, 2022

Stamford, CT – June 30, 2022 VantageScore Solutions, today released the results of its annual model performance assessment. In keeping with its mission to promote transparency and aid in model governance, VantageScore publishes the results of these assessments annually so that lenders and policy makers have confidence that the credit scores used to make loan decisions are predictive, consistent and fair.

Highlights from the assessment include:

  • VantageScore 4.0 outperforms prior versions of VantageScore models as well as other benchmark credit reporting company (CRC) scoring models within Originations and Account Management overall as well as across all major product categories, including Bankcard, Auto, Mortgage and Personal Installment Loans. 
  • : VantageScore 4.0’s use of trended attributes has brought significant predictive performance improvements within both the lower scoring and higher scoring credit originations segments.  
  • Aided by the proprietary VantageScore attribute leveling process, a high level of score consistency across the CRCs is maintained. VantageScore 4.0 continues to provide the most consistent scores of all the VantageScore models.
  • VantageScore 4.0 continues to provide unbiased, consistent results across ethnic groups and across the credit spectrum.

“Inflation, increasing cost of borrowing, ending borrower accommodations and economic headwinds are top of mind for risk managers today. We consider it a best practice to provide our model users with transparency and data that shows VantageScore credit scores continue to accurately reflect consumers’ credit risk,” said Silvio Tavares, President and CEO of VantageScore.

The full model performance assessment is available for download at

About VantageScore Solutions

VantageScore Solutions develops consumer credit scoring models that combine the need for both financial inclusivity and dependable predictiveness across all scoring ranges. The company’s most recent models score approximately 96 percent of all adults 18 and older – including 37 million more people than conventional models – without sacrificing safety and soundness. As a result, lenders using VantageScore can extend credit to those who have been historically marginalized, including minority and lower-to-middle income Americans. VantageScore credit scores are used by thousands of lenders, landlords, utility companies, telecom companies, and many others to determine creditworthiness. Additionally, tens of millions of consumers rely on free access to their VantageScore credit scores to monitor their own creditworthiness.

VantageScore Solutions was launched in 2006 and is owned by America’s three national credit reporting companies (CRCs) – Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Using a patent-protected tri-bureau methodology, VantageScore delivers time-tested, innovative and more consistent credit scoring models across all three CRCs.