Take Control of Your Credit

Understand how credit scores could impact your next loan.

It’s important to know where you stand. Check your score often and do what it takes to keep it strong. Your score plays a big role in your ability to access funds you need to lead a financially empowered life.

A healthy credit score helps you get the financing you need for:

Auto Loans
Credit Cards

Student Loans

Mobile Phones

Learn what you need to know about credit—and its importance to your financial well-being. VantageScore helps you decode credit scores and understand how to improve them.

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Getting Started with Credit

What does my credit score mean? Why do I need a good score? If you have questions like these, this information can help.

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How Credit Scores Work

Credit scores are designed to help lenders match you with the appropriate lending terms at the appropriate rates. Find out how these decisions get made and what you can do to boost your score.

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