What impacts/improves credit scores

Date: March 01, 2013

What can I do to improve my VantageScore credit score?

Improving a credit score can be achieved over time by regularly practicing these sound financial management techniques:

  1. Pay bills on time.
  2. Apply for credit only when it’s needed; do not open new accounts frequently or open multiple accounts within a short time span.
  3. Keep outstanding balances low and know your credit limit on each account – a good rule of thumb is not to exceed 30% of your available credit limit with each account.
  4. Pay any delinquent (past due) accounts as soon as possible and then keep them current.

Will it hurt my VantageScore credit score to request a copy of my credit report?

No, requesting copies of your personal credit reports will not impact your VantageScore credit score.

Do other parties’ inquiries impact my VantageScore credit score?

Other parties’ inquiries can have a potential impact, but are generally not significant, particularly in the case of a consumer with a strong credit history. Inquiries that are not related to new debt requests or were not consumer-initiated (such as a lender looking to make a preapproved credit offer) have no adverse impact on an individual’s VantageScore credit score.

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