3 Things to Remember When Planning for Back-to-School

Date: August 30, 2018

School is almost back in session, which means it’s time for parents and students to gear up with the proper tools and resources to make this school year matter. Before you hit–or buy –the books this year, make sureto brush up on your financial know-how. Study up on VantageScore’s three things to remember when going back to school so you can ace both your tests and your credit score:

1. If deadlines aren’t your strongest subject, opt for buying used professor-approved textbooks instead of renting. Even if it’s an older edition, it’s still plenty wise, and you’ll be all the wiser for avoiding costly late fees.


2. Plan for the future. Before the job search or starting your first job post-grad, figure out a schedule for paying back your student loans and work it into your budget.


3. Graduating with strong credit opens your door–and mailbox–to tons of offers. Be sure to carefully think through opening a credit card, because opening too many and not paying them off in time can hurt your credit score.

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