Wsjs credit score game powered by vantagescore

WSJ’s “Credit-Score Game” powered by VantageScore

Date: June 22, 2020

VantageScore is pleased to announce that it has worked closely with the Wall Street Journal on an insightful article and an interactive online game for its readers called the “Credit-Score Game”, a gamification exercise that shows how consumer credit behavior can influence a credit score and by how much (NOTE: there is a paywall).

For the game, VantageScore data scientists developed consumer profiles and simulated how common credit activities such as increasing credit card utilization or missing a payment might impact certain consumer profiles. The digital team at Wall Street Journal team developed an interface that allows users to select a profile and credit activity and then guess the score impact.

The “Credit-Score Game” is an example of going beyond an article and providing a more resonating and interactive educational experience.

Take a moment to play by clicking on the image below or click here to be directed to the WSJ article.