5 QUESTIONS WITH...Dhani Jones, host of "The Game Plan"

Date: March 18, 2021
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Five Questions

Hosted by Dhani Jones, former professional football player and business owner, "The Game Plan" provides a path forward for people across the country who are facing financial challenges—and looking for steps to a better financial future. In this five-part video series, Dhani bridges Main Street and Wall Street, discussing topics like debt management and saving for retirement, to managing finances in times of crisis and investing in the future. To view the latest episodes, click here.

What drew you to wanting to host a series like "The Game Plan"?

Often times we don’t look ahead and live in the moment but unfortunately life events strike and we need to be prepared. A “Game Plan” is what we should all have in our life. So that no matter the circumstance we can overcome no matter what.

What did you learn in the episode that was focused on credit health?

I learned that it’s incredibly important to be proactive. There is a balance to attain with your debt. It does take time but it ultimately starts with you.

Some professional athletes have found it difficult to transition to a post-athletic career after retirement. That was not the case for you. What did you do to prepare for the next phase in your career? How did you prepare financially?

You prepare for the future by investing today. It’s important to study, learn from others and be open to different opportunities. Yet the most important is careful planning and listening to experts who can help you decide the right vehicles to invest both short and long term.

You have spearheaded many business ventures and co-founded Qey Capital, a consultancy firm that helps identify unique investments for others (particularly MBEs, minority business enterprises). What advice do you have for entrepreneurs, as an entrepreneur yourself?

As an entrepreneur you have a choice of what, who and where you’d like to invest. But like all things it doesn’t happen overnight and there are risks associated with all that you do. It’s important to be passionate about the area you wish to spend time because all of it takes hard work.

What lessons did football and playing on a team teach you about life?

You can only go so far by yourself. Football is eleven teammates working together on the field and similar in life, regardless of what you do, if you work hard, you can accomplish anything.