New Inclusion360™ Platform Launched by VantageScore® to Pinpoint Opportunities for Financial Inclusion

June 24, 2022

It’s the ultimate win-win: provide financial inclusion opportunities to creditworthy borrowers that have historically been underserved and grow your portfolio.

Financial inclusion and its impact on wealth equality remain among the most important issues facing consumers, lenders and policy makers. To enable greater financial inclusion, VantageScore today announced the launch of Inclusion360. The groundbreaking, open access, and interactive analytics platform uses comprehensive data sets to uncover previously underserved consumers by geographic market.

Using Inclusion360, which is patent-pending, lenders and other stakeholders can gain insight needed to reach creditworthy consumers in U.S. geographies that conventional credit scores would likely restrict. Ultimately, providing opportunities for these underserved consumers to access credit can improve their financial lives and help bridge the gap in credit and wealth equality.  

Large populations of underserved borrowers reside in “credit deserts” where conventional models fail to score them. With Inclusion360, it is possible to understand where opportunities for newly lendable consumers exist.

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