VantageScore® Releases Results of its Annual Model

Performance Assessment  

VantageScore Solutions released the results of its annual model performance assessment. In keeping with its mission to promote transparency and aid in model governance, VantageScore publishes the results of these assessments annually so that lenders and policy makers have confidence that the credit scores used to make loan decisions are predictive, consistent and fair.

Highlights from the assessment include:


VantageScore 4.0 outperforms prior versions of VantageScore models as well as other benchmark credit reporting company (CRC) scoring models within Originations and Account Management overall as well as across all major product categories, including Bankcard, Auto, Mortgage and Personal Installment Loans.


VantageScore 4.0’s use of trended attributes has brought significant predictive performance improvements within both the lower scoring and higher scoring credit originations segments.


Aided by the proprietary VantageScore attribute leveling process, a high level of score consistency across the CRCs is maintained. VantageScore 4.0 continues to provide the most consistent scores of all the VantageScore models.


VantageScore 4.0 continues to provide unbiased, consistent results across ethnic groups and across the credit spectrum.

VantageScore 4.0:
% Lift in Performance - Account Management

VantageScore 4.0:
% Lift in Performance - Originations


These tests confirm that regardless of ethnicity, consumers will get equally predictive VantageScore credit scores.

VantageScore 1.0 AU VantageScore 2.0 VantageScore 3.0 VantageScore 4.0
African American Pass Pass Pass Pass
Hispanic Pass Pass Pass Pass

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