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WEBINAR: Consumer Dislocation and Credit Score Impacts

Date: August 11, 2020

Last month, American Banker hosted the VantageScore webinar “Consumer Dislocation and Credit Score Impacts“, a webinar that spoke to the current economic distress that consumers are experiencing, how this will impact their financial health and credit scores, and how lenders can protect their portfolio. If you missed it, there’s still time to register to watch the webinar on-demand until September 18.

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More about the webinar:

With tens of millions of American consumers unemployed, and with a staggering amount of loan payments being deferred, the lending environment is extremely volatile. With these issues top of mind, VantageScore Solutions, the company behind the VantageScore credit scoring model, will host a webinar to discuss findings from an analysis aimed at understanding shifts in credit behaviors, trends in credit score distributions, and how credit attributes are being impacted.

Watch this webinar to understand how the macroeconomy impacts consumers’ ability to pay their loans, and how credit scores react to and reflect changing consumer behaviors. Host Dr. Emre Sahingur, Senior Vice President at VantageScore Solutions for Analytics, Research and Product Management, will discuss the following:

  • How credit scores are shifting and how the underlying credit attributes like balances, utilization rates and other indicators are impacting scores
  • How the relationship between risk and the credit score that represents it, is shifting along with the economy
  • How to effectively monitor changes in consumer behaviors and risk levels to make timely adjustments to credit strategies in a dynamic environment
  • Lessons learned from the Great Recession (2007 – 2009) to inform how risk can shift during an economic downturn

Speaker: Emre Sahingur, PH.D.
Senior Vice President, Predictive Analytics, Research and Product Management
VantageScore Solutions, LLC


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