VantageScore website expands bankcard-industry section

By: Barrett Burns
Date: June 25, 2020

Dear Colleague:

Credit scores play an important role in lenders’ automated decision-making processes. Exactly what those processes are, and how scores apply to them, vary from lender to lender and industry to industry.

For many years, in the interest of transparency, we’ve published model-validation results and performance data highlighting advantages of using the VantageScore credit scoring model in three core industries—auto lenders, bankcard issuers, and mortgage lenders. We’ve also developed a range of materials that support lenders’ use of our model within their strategies.

As reflected in a recent series of articles in The Score, the credit card industry makes extensive use of credit scores across the entire customer life cycle, from customer acquisition to account origination to account management to loss prevention and recovery. We recently expanded our website in recognition of the use of credit-scoring models for those varied business functions, and to highlight the relevance of our resources for those distinct audiences within the card industry.

The new bankcard-industry section of is designed to be dynamic. We will continually supplement its resource offerings with additional white papers, fact sheets, videos, and webinars.

We are planning similar expansions to the sections of our website that focus on auto and mortgage lenders, and we will be rolling out many additional enhancements to in the months to come.

All the best,

Barrett Burns