VantageScore videos and podcasts

Date: June 22, 2020

VantageScore is proud to share with you a special series we produced, talking to real consumers about real credit and financial issues. The series “American Dreams” is a dream we’ve also had to communicate the everyday issues that impact Americans as they pursue their own goals – whether it be to own a home, buy a car or take out a loan.

We hope you enjoy their stories and we urge you to share them.

Also, please take a moment to tune-in to the newest installment in our very own “VantageScore Podcast” series. Our latest interview is with Adam Levin, co-founder of and founder of

In our discussion with Adam, we learned about the most recent security risks online and how to avoid them. As the world undergoes a digital conversion in all industries, this podcast is an especially important listen, so we can all prepare for the issues that face the financial online domain.

You can check out our podcast on the following platforms: