VantageScore expands reach with podcasts on

By: Barrett Burns
Date: June 25, 2020

Dear Colleague,

One goal at VantageScore Solutions this year has been to emphasize the benefits of the VantageScore credit scoring model to credit card issuers. To that end, we have expanded the section of our website devoted to the card industry.

That’s not all. We have also expanded our outreach to media outlets that focus on the credit card and payment industries. And we’ve had particular success in that area at, which has provided coverage of VantageScore in multiple forms.

Perhaps the most exciting content featured at is a series of podcasts featuring Sarah Davies, our senior vice president of analytics, product management and research. These audio files, playable from the website and downloadable for offline listening, enable listeners to hear about the strategic benefits of the VantageScore credit scoring model directly from its chief architect and developer:

  • The difference a credit scoring model can make” addresses the opportunities card issuers and other lenders leave on the table by ignoring the ways advanced credit scoring models can improve their ability to identify additional creditworthy borrowers.

  • How to master the expanding credit universe” digs into the relationship between credit scores and the default risk that underlies them, and the importance of understanding that relationship when formulating lending strategies.

  • Validate before you speculate in credit scoring” explains the importance of regular validation of credit-scoring model performance, and how that process can improve outcomes for card issuers and other lenders. also offers a good selection of traditional articles that showcase VantageScore resources relevant to bankcard-industry professionals. These include:

This is just a sampling of the great VantageScore-based content featured on All of these entries, additional published articles and more to come in the future, can be viewed at the site’s VantageScore company spotlight page. The content is terrific, and we trust you’ll appreciate it.

All the best,

Barrett Burns