Support & gratitude for women in banking & finance

By: Barrett Burns
Date: June 25, 2020

Dear Colleague:

For the second year in a row, VantageScore Solutions has had the privilege of being a sponsor of the American Banker Most Powerful Women in Banking and Finance Awards Dinner in New York, on October 8. The event has fast become a highlight of our year, as it is for many other leading financial-services institutions.

We agreed to be a sponsor of the dinner because it embodies notions of fairness, inclusion and equal opportunity that are central to the VantageScore mission and values. But there’s also another reason, a little closer to home, why this salute to women in our industry resonates with our company.

Put simply, our company would be nowhere without the skills, talents and experience of women—and of one woman in particular. Sarah Davies, Senior VP of Analytics, Product Development and Research, is the chief architect of the VantageScore credit scoring model. She spearheads the research and analysis that drive model development; captains the team of data scientists who build and test the model; and serves as an industry resource on the model’s characteristics and performance. She co-authored multiple patents related to the model’s proprietary techniques—including methods for treating the same pieces of data identically, no matter how they are stored in the databases of the three major credit bureaus.

By the way, I’m not campaigning for an award for Sarah—and not only because doing so as a sponsor would be inappropriate: Long before VantageScore got involved with the Most Powerful Women in Banking and Finance awards, we most definitely thought of nominating her. Alas, American Banker limits nominations to banks and bank-like financial institutions, so Sarah is ineligible for its award—but not our pride and gratitude.

You can learn more about women who are eligible for this year’s awards, and the achievements that earned them their nominations, in this month’s Five Questions profile of Bonnie McGeer, Managing Editor of American Banker Magazine and coordinator of the 2015 nominating process.

All the best,

Barrett Burns