“Street Credit” consumer video series debuts

Date: June 25, 2020

VantageScore Solutions has issued a new series of consumer-education videos, addressing questions and concerns raised by real-world consumers.

Each segment in the series of 10 short “Street Credit” videos begins with consumers voicing questions or concerns about credit scoring in their own words. A representative of VantageScore Solutions, LLC, then appears on camera with an explanation or clarification of the issue at hand.

The subject matter was chosen based on input from consumers as they went about their business in a retail area in central Connecticut, not far from VantageScore’s headquarters in Stamford. Topics include:

The Street Credit video series is just one more initiative in our commitment to consumer education. VantageScore is dedicated to helping consumers better understand credit scoring and the role their own credit management behaviors play in determining their credit scores. Other projects include:

  • CreditScoreQuiz.org, a free website, co-sponsored with Consumer Federation of America, that consumers can use to learn how much they know (and don’t know) about credit scores;
  • ReasonCode.org, a website that provides deeper explanations of the score-explanation statements that accompany VantageScore credit scores, and relevant tips for improving scores;
  • YourVantageScore.com, the consumer portion of VantageScore Solutions’ website, which provides infographics, tips, and videos aimed at boosting consumer knowledge of credit scoring.

The “Street Credit” videos will be distributed in coming weeks via VantageScore Solutions’ social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter. They will be housed permanently on the company’s YouTube channel and at YourVantageScore.com.