scaling new heights consumer credit summit

Scaling new heights: Consumer Credit Summit

Date: June 30, 2020

Dear Colleague:

Mountaineers, mariners and marathoners all can attest to the role of careful preparation in the success of any major undertaking, and here at VantageScore Solutions, we’re in the throes of prep for one of our most exciting and ambitious ventures to date:

We’re finishing up months of groundwork on the Consumer Credit Summit, a half-day program scheduled for the morning of April 11 in Los Angeles. The Consumer Credit Summit has been scheduled as a lead-in to the annual Card Forum and Expo conference.

Much of our preparation for the summit has involved lining up experts and developing sessions that will take a 360-degree look at the current state of consumer credit reporting and scoring, and also will examine its likely future and what that could mean to card issuers. VantageScore is sponsoring the program, but much of the heavy lifting, in terms of logistics and program development, has been in the capable hands of SourceMedia, the company that hosts Card Forum and also publishes American Banker, and numerous other financial-services trade publications.

The final summit roster is still firming up, but I’m proud to say we’ve already pulled together a truly impressive slate of topics and presenters: Credit Karma founder and CEO Kenneth Lin will deliver our opening keynote; and sessions will be led by experts from IBM Finance, Risk and Fraud Consulting, Synchrony Financial and American Banker. Panels will feature representatives of the three major credit reporting companies (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion), alternative-data supplier LexisNexis and our own Senior Vice President Sarah Davies, the chief architect of the VantageScore credit scoring model.

While credit scoring is frequently a topic of one or more sessions at industry conferences, this may be the most comprehensive program ever devoted to the topic. It promises to be compelling and informative. You can find more details here. Please consider joining us.

Very truly yours,

Barrett Burns