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NEW! VantageScore Podcasts

Date: September 15, 2020

This past month, for our VantageScore Podcast series, we are excited to highlight two colleagues in the credit and finance industry:

First up: Rod Griffin, Senior Director of Public Education and Advocacy for Experian. Rod leads Experian’s national consumer education programs and works with consumer advocates, financial educators, media and others to help consumers increase their ability to understand and manage their personal finances and protect themselves from fraud and identity theft.

In his podcast Rod shares his journey that led him to his path at Experian and breaks down the difference between the credit reporting bureaus, how credit is different around the world, and resources at Experian that you can leverage during COVID-19.

Be sure to also listen to our latest podcast with Gemma Posthlethwaite, CEO of Arizent, a financial and business information media company. Gemma is responsible for the company’s 30+ brands, including American Banker, Payments Source, Asset Securitization Report, among many others. Prior to joining Arizent, Gemma served as CEO of PIRA Energy Group, where she led a major transformation of the company and established PIRA as a leading integrated, research and data provider to the global energy markets. In 2016 Postlethwaite led the sale of PIRA Energy Group to S&P Global.

In her podcast, Gemma dives into her journey into becoming a female CEO and how she’s leading change in the finance industry.

You can listen to their podcasts on the following platforms: