Making Headlines

Date: August 30, 2021

“David and Goliath” is a story that many like to use to convey the ultimate underdog situation. We all know the narrative:

David – a younger, smaller opponent – defeats the giant Goliath in a battle using a stone and his wits. In recent years, this story has taken on a secular meaning: success comes to those who have courage, creativity and conviction. A modern-day example of this story is competition in the credit scoring marketplace.

Just recently, The Wall Street Journal published a front-page story “FICO Score’s Hold on the Credit Market is Slipping”, which details how banks are relying less and less on legacy credit scoring models to measure consumers’ creditworthiness. In place of these old approaches, expanding usage of VantageScore and custom credit scoring models are more commonplace.

Like David, we are a fierce and formidable competitor yet smaller in size; but unlike David, this victory is not short lived. It is years in the making and our story is just beginning. To be more exact, 15 years of hard work; innovating credit scoring models that provide predictiveness, inclusivity and consistency.

And the message couldn’t be more validated. VantageScore’s widespread usage continues to expand with +12.3 BILLION VantageScore credit scores used amongst more than 2,500 unique users in a 12-month period.

Of course, our work is not done and we still have many battles to fight, but we’re willing to take on the challenge because that’s what competitors do. And to quote the great Tom Petty song, “I won’t back down.” In fact, we’re doubling down…

Be sure to read the press release announcing that Latonia (Toni) Hubbs has joined the VantageScore team! We are thrilled to have Toni join us as senior vice president and head of Capital Markets and Strategic Alliances. She brings deep capital markets industry experience to the role, and we are excited to deepen our relationships and awareness among investors, ratings agencies and consumer credit issuers.

Welcome to the team, Toni!

Please also read the rest of the newsletter which includes a timely article on student loans, the potential end of credit scores rising in the U.S. and a Q&A with Experian’s first-ever Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer. Enjoy what remains of your summer, and looking forward to an exciting fall.


Barrett Burns

CEO and president, VantageScore Solutions