Listen up! The latest podcasts + The Game Plan episodes

Date: April 16, 2021

This April, be sure to tune-in to The VantageScore Podcast and The Game Plan for their latest episodes:

The VantageScore Podcast

Listen to a 2-part series from finance expert Yanely Espinal, creator of the popular YouTube channel MissBeHelpful, as she discusses what money moves to make in your 20s versus 30s and how to avoid the common credit pitfalls. After finding herself in $20,000 of credit card debt after college, Yanely shares her tried and true practices on how she paid it off - which inspired her on a mission of financial literacy. Learn expert tips on budgeting, debt payment strategies, investing and managing your credit score.

Another 2-part series interviews Dr. Brad Klontz, founder of the Financial Psychology Institute® and a managing principal of Your Mental Wealth® Advisors. He was awarded the Innovative Practice Presidential Citation from the American Psychological Association for his application of psychological interventions to help people with money and wealth issues.

Brad’s episode shares strategies on how to recognize your “money script” behavior and better understand shame, depression, values, and stressors around money that may keep us from reaching our financial goals.

You can listen to these podcasts on iTunes and Spotify.

The Game Plan web series

You also can see Dr. Brad Klontz on the latest episode of The Game Plan, a branded content series that VantageScore developed alongside American Express and TransUnion, produced by Courageous Studios. The series provides actionable insights to help people navigate the financial challenges brought on by the pandemic.

70% of Americans experience financial stress at least some of the time. In the most recent “The Game Plan” episode Understanding Financial Stress: How to Manage your Mind”, Dr. Klontz leads a family of frontline workers through a session to get to the root of their financial stress. In the episode, he explores the emotional relationship people have with money and how to manage financial stress that’s productive and empowering.

To view the latest episode, click here.