For your viewing pleasure, we bring you: VantageScore.

Date: November 18, 2020

Dear Colleague:

Despite incredible growth and adoption over the past few years, I still consider myself the president and CEO of an agile disrupter company, aiming to improve the consumer lending marketplace for lenders and consumers alike. It’s all about challenging the status quo for the benefit of consumers and lenders alike!

To state the obvious, this has been a challenging year on so many levels. But in theme with Thanksgiving, we still have much to be grateful for. I’d like to personally thank our team, our board, and our partners as well who all faced an unprecedentedly demanding year.

Did I mention the VantageScore team?! Lately, it seemed like every month we witnessed a new milestone, and October-November was no different. Notably, we are so very pleased to share with you our first television commercials produced in partnership with Credit Sesame!

Credit Sesame is one of the pioneers of the free credit score movement, and is also one of the fastest growing digital banking service providers in the U.S. To call out one example, they recently launched a savings account - signing up more than 200,000 customers in its first month.

Through our partnership with Credit Sesame and via these commercials, we want to communicate to consumers the importance of checking a highly accurate credit score and why, in difficult times like these, your credit health is incredibly important. You can view the commercials on our YouTube channel here.

On another viewing note, this is the time of year that I normally relish getting out and meeting people at conferences and meetings, but obviously that’s not possible right now. Despite not being able to meet in-person, we had quite the busy conference season. Whether it was presenting at webinars or playing a part in some of the most widely attended general sessions, we were excited to share our insights virtually.

Below is a list of our appearances and presentations:

CDIA: “Data Evolution: The Present and Future Use of Data & It’s Policy and Legal Implications” from the CDIA Virtual Law & Industry Conference, featuring M&T Bank, Checkr and VantageScore (Barrett)

SFA: 2020 Elections and the Path through the Pandemic to Economic Recovery" - This webinar featured Moody's Analytics chief economist Mark Zandi and VantageScore (Barrett)

American Banker: Most Powerful Women in Banking 2020 honoree spotlight introduction by VantageScore (Barrett)

CBA: “Consumer Credit Risk: Trends from Today, Insights for Tomorrow” - webinar hosted by VantageScore (Dr. Emre Sahingur)

NAHREP: “How Pandemic-Induced Risk Aversion is Tightening Credit” session at NAHREP at L'Attitude Annual conference with panelists from VantageScore (Dr. Emre Sahingur), Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Radian

MBA: “Conversations with the GSE Executives” from MBA LIVE 2020, featuring Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with an introduction by VantageScore (Barrett)

UPCOMING! Consumer Credit Uncertainties in the time of COVID – An American Banker webinar featuring Dr. Emre Sahingur who will discuss the latest data on how consumer credit behavior is impacted by the pandemic. The webinar will occur TOMORROW - Thursday, November 19 at 2pm EST. There's still time to join this webinar live - just REGISTER HERE.

We hope you take the time to check out some of our proudest moments this fall while you continue to stay safe and healthy this season. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how grateful we are to be in your company, albeit remotely, this season of thanksgiving…and always.


Barrett Burns

CEO and President, VantageScore Solutions