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AMEX Launches ‘Score Goals’

Date: September 15, 2020

Now, more than ever, consumers want to stay on top of their credit score and overall financial health. To meet this need, American Express is enhancing American Express® MyCredit Guide, its popular credit score tool, with the addition of Score Goals, a new capability to help most U.S. consumers, even those who are not American Express Card Members, improve their VantageScore® 3.0 credit score.

“We know that many consumers are especially focused on their financial health during this time,” said Kunal Madhok, Vice President, Head of Product & Acquisition, U.S. Consumer Lending Cards, American Express. “As we continue to innovate to provide consumers with new tools and resources that support their fiancial needs, we launched Score Goals to help consumers manage and accomplish their credit score goals – both big and small.”

MyCredit Guide provides consumers with their personalized VantageScore® credit score by TransUnion®, refreshed weekly upon login, and includes a range of information and tools to help them understand their credit score better and plan for the future. Since launching MyCredit Guide in 2018, American Express has heard from consumers that it has been a helpful tool for checking their credit score and understanding how financial decisions can impact their score. As an expansion to this tool, Score Goals is another resource available for them to manage their overall financial wellness.

Score Goals from American Express is the first and only service of its kind to be offered by a major financial institution that provides personalized recommendations to help achieve a desired credit score over a given timeframe – available at no cost, for most U.S. consumers. Score Goals uses real TransUnion credit report data tracked in real time, along with the real credit experiences of millions of people, to deliver personalized recommendations designed to help consumers achieve their credit score goal.


After enrolling a free account with MyCredit Guide, users can review their current Vantage Score 3.0.

With just a few clicks, users can input their desired credit score and Score Goals will generate a personalized recommendation for how to achieve it.

Score Goals uses real TransUnion credit bureau data tracked in real time and analyzes a user’s credit history, along with the real credit experiences of millions of people.

At each login session, users can view their current credit score and will receive updates on their progress towards their goal.

MyCredit Guide Score Goals complements American Express’ Credit Intel financial education center, its go-to destination for personal finance and credit card education, as a resource for U.S. consumers.


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