The Science Behind VantageScore

Learn how VantageScore sets the standard for modern credit scoring.

VantageScore is razor-focused on bringing innovation to credit scoring. Cloud computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence and trended data enable the ability to score approximately 96% of adults in the U.S.—more than 37 million more consumers than were previously scored.

Machine Learning

Data scientists at VantageScore use machine learning to look closer into the credit histories of consumers often overlooked by lenders due to lack of credit history. Machine learning—a type of AI that lets computers learn from data, identify patterns and automatically make decisions—was used to develop VantageScore’s model.

The result? Ever increasing performance of the model and greater ability to score more consumers:

Lift for users with dormant credit histories
Lift for users with “No Trades”

Trended Credit Insights

It’s a catch-22: Conventional models require you to use credit to have credit.

And then your score goes down because you’ve used too much. VantageScore is the first and only tri-bureau credit-scoring model to incorporate trended credit data to help consumers avoid these traps.

Trended credit data reflects changes in credit behaviors over time, rather than relying (as other models do) on static, individual credit-history records which reflect only one point-in-time.

Our models provide deeper insight into borrowing and payment patterns; delivering a 20% originations’ lift, particularly among consumers in Prime and Super Prime credit-score bands.

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