The Auto Industry & VantageScore

Drive success with predictive performance across the risk distribution

In the auto industry, the VantageScore model provides significant predictive performance improvement for account management and originations across the risk distribution.

The VantageScore Value

The VantageScore 4.0 credit scoring model can help drive success for auto lenders with:

  • Superior accuracy when predicting repayment risk
  • Patented characteristic-leveling technology irons out inconsistencies in scores obtained from different credit bureaus
  • Advanced model design accurately assesses approximately 40 million more potential customers who were previously “unscoreable” with traditional models

Auto Industry Performance

Specific to the auto industry, the VantageScore 4.0 model provides a 6.3% performance improvement in account management and 2.5% lift in originations over a benchmark CRC credit score model. 1

More Consistent Consumer Scores Across the Three CRCs

Consistency of consumer scores remains strong, with nearly 80 percent of consumer scores falling within 20 points when sourced from two or more CRCs, and approximately 90 percent of consumer scores from the three CRCs falling within a 40-point range.

More Consistent Score Distributions Across the Three CRCs

In the auto industry, VantageScore 4.0 achieves consistent performance across the three major CRCs for both originations and management accounts.

More Insights & Resources

See all the performance data and insights on VantageScore’s advantage in the auto industry.

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  • Derived from the <strong><a href="https://vantagescore.com/education/blog/2019-model-performance-assessment-of-vantagescore-4-0"><u><u>2019 Performance Assessment Study</u></u></a></strong>.