New CNN web series from VantageScore to help those financially hit by COVID-19

Date: February 08, 2021

Are you in the 50 percent of Americans whose household income has suffered since the pandemic? 1 in 5 people have lost their jobs due to COVID-19.

Because the pandemic has impacted so many, that is why VantageScore partnered with American Express, TransUnion and CNN to create "The Game Plan", a consumer education series that provides actionable insights to help people navigate the financial challenges brought on by the pandemic.

Hosted by Dhani Jones, a former professional football player turned business owner, we learn from the top financial experts on how to manage the pandemic-related financial hardships many are facing today. Tune-in to learn about topics, such as credit health, money stress, debt management, saving for retirement, and even repositioning yourself for a career change.

To view our series video trailer, click here.

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