More Reasons to Trust VantageScore

VantageScore 4.0, our fourth-generation tri-bureau credit scoring model, sets a new standard for predictive performance and modeling innovation.

VantageScore ushered into the consumer lending marketplace increased competition and innovation. We’ve also raised the bar in terms of transparency and consumer education.

Competition: Lenders now use VantageScore alongside dozens of other scoring models that are available. There’s no longer just “one score that counts.”

Innovation: We’re proud to have introduced a number of industry “firsts,” including the first and only tri-bureau credit scoring model to:

  • incorporate rent payment data when present on the credit file
  • provide consumer-friendly interpretations of reason codes — as seen on
  • eliminate paid collections
  • provide end users with attribute level transparency and training
  • incorporate trended credit data
  • align with the National Consumer Assistance Plan
  • leverage machine learning in the development of scorecards for those with dormant credit histories

Transparency: We’ve opened up the black box by publishing better consumer educational tips and materials about what impacts a consumer’s credit score by writing reason codes in plain English and providing helpful information on how to improve your score.

Education: We’ve worked to pioneer the movement to provide free credit scores for consumers. In addition, we provide users with information about what’s impacting your score, where your score falls in the range and what are the steps to achieve your goals.