Consumer Credit Score Insights


Since its inception in 2006, VantageScore Solutions, LLC has taken steps to counter the “black box” reputation that the credit score modeling industry had been known for and provide transparency to lenders and consumers. Whether it’s the annual model performance assessments that VantageScore publishes to help VantageScore model users adapt to market changes or the lead role we’ve played in helping consumers through education to understand credit scoring and the factors that affect creditworthiness, VantageScore’s commitment has been to share.

Timely Data

To support VantageScore model users and anyone with an interest in credit scoring models, VantageScore is now publishing a monthly update of key metrics that reflect the status of U.S. consumer credit trends and credit scores calculated with our models.


Included below are:

  • U.S. Consumer Average VantageScore Credit Score Trends
  • VantageScore Risk Tier Trends
  • Average VantageScore Credit Score by State