How Credit Scores Work

Credit scores are designed to help lenders match you with the appropriate lending terms at the appropriate rates. Find out how these decisions get made and what you can do to boost your score.

What Impacts Your Credit Score

Many different variables and factors go into determining your credit score, and there are a variety of influences that can cause your score to fluctuate. While the numbers aren’t set in stone, there are some concrete factors that contribute to establishing a strong credit foundation.

How many credit accounts do you have? How much have you borrowed? How promptly have you made your required payments? These and other key factors influence your credit report and, ultimately, your credit score.

What Really Counts

Of course, not all factors have the same impact on your VantageScore credit score. In general, here’s how much each one matters and some ideas that might improve your credit score:

What Doesn’t Count

Many things don’t factor into the VantageScore model, including race, color, religion, nationality, gender, marital status, age, salary, occupation, employer, employment history, where you live, or even your total assets.