Credit With a Conscience

For more than 15 years VantageScore has led the way towards a more inclusive and equitable consumer credit marketplace. By scoring more American adults and providing critical education, more consumers are able to access the credit they deserve—and better understand how the credit economy works.

Prioritizing Inclusion

Among the initiatives the organization executes and supports are:
  • Scoring approximately 96% of the adult population in the United States.
  • Researching drivers of credit inequality.
  • Researching impact of alternative data.
  • Funding programs to encourage greater reporting of rent and utility payment information.
  • Supporting students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).
  • Providing creative credit education.

More Data = Greater Inclusivity

VantageScore’s research has proven conclusively that greater reporting of rent and utility payment information enables greater financial inclusion and consumer credit health.

VantageScore was an early funder and supporter of the Rent Reporting Technical Assistance Center, which was developed by Credit Builders Alliance to enable reporting of more rent and utility payment information. This free resource provides training and education for landlords and renters interested in how to make sure rental payments are reported to credit bureaus—and reflected in consumer credit scores.

Supporting HBCUs Along with HomeFree-USA

By way of HomeFree-USA’s Center for Financial Advancement® (CFA), VantageScore plays an important role in providing credit education and financial knowledge, in addition to scholarship and program funding, to students and HBCUs around the country.
"Partnering with VantageScore will allow students attending HBCUs the opportunity to build their money management and leadership skills, while they learn about credit and building wealth,” said Marcia Griffin, president of HomeFree-USA. “As the largest Black-Owned Housing Counseling organization in America, we strongly believe in the role of education to bridge financial strength and career success for people of color across America."

Education Outside the Box

The credit-scoring industry has often been described as secretive and limiting what consumers can know about their credit score.

VantageScore emphasizes transparency and explain-ability to enable consumers to take control of their credit health.

Free credit scores for all

Along with credit bureaus and fintech companies, VantageScore pioneered free access of credit scores. More than 100 million consumers now have access to their VantageScore at no cost via websites and customer/member services.
Free Credit Scores

A free online, interactive tool where consumers can key in reason codes and receive detailed explanations and tips.

Test Yourself

VantageScore partners with Consumer Federation of America, one of the largest and most influential consumer advocates in the country, to advance credit understanding. Tens of thousands of consumers have tested their knowledge of credit scoring—and learned valuable information along the way.
Credit Score Quiz