Creating Social Value through ESG

VantageScore credit scores are often used by capital markets participants in both the consumer lending asset-backed securities market (ABS) and the residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) market.

Securitization issuers and institutional investors that leverage VantageScore are able to:

  • Leverage best-in-class accuracy

  • Include underserved including minority and low-to-middle income (LMI) consumers.
  • Demonstrate their commitment to ESG without sacrificing predictive performance or transparency.
“We now utilize VantageScore (“Vantage”) credit scores to assist in our assessment of credit quality as we believe Vantage scores more U.S. consumers, and potential applicants, as compared to our prior use of FICO credit scores”

Key Benefits

  • Most predictive, best-in-class model

  • Credit scores are updated in “real-time” allowing for rigorous surveillance processes

  • Coverage across various asset classes

  • Consistency of credit scores from pool to pool

  • Scoring transparency facilitates deeper understanding of risk profile – facilitating efficient communication of risk throughout the securitization life-cycle

  • Coverage of underserved consumers unscorable by legacy methods, while maintaining safety and soundness

  • On-going, transparent, and public reporting of VantageScore model performance assessments

Use VantageScore's credit insights tool


VantageScore is able to assign scores to 37 million individuals deemed unscorable by conventional methods. Almost one third of these million consumers are from Black (5.5 million) and Hispanic (5.2 million) communities. Approximately 3 million of those who previously had no credit score, scored 620 or higher with VantageScore.

These statistics speak to the need VantageScore is meeting to help more consumers access credit, which enables them to build better financial futures for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Securitization & ESG

Consumers aren’t the only ones benefitting from a focus on financial inclusion. VantageScore empowers market participants:

  • Greater ability to extend credit to more consumers
  • Expand loan portfolios while helping customers improve financial health
  • Securitizations including these loans can have a positive impact on underserved communities