American Banker + VantageScore Webinar: Consumer Credit in the Time of COVID-19

How are credit scores rising as the economy struggles? Are consumers actively seeking credit right now? What can we expect in the months ahead in consumer credit behavior?

The U.S. economy is on a roller coaster of activity this year. Although there are signs of positivity, major changes are on the horizon. Credit lines are tightening, credit risk is being heavily assessed and administration changes or continuity will have profound impact on consumer financial activity.

Hear the most up-to-date research on consumer credit behavior during the pandemic, what it means for this year and implications looking ahead.

This American Banker webinar, featuring Dr. Emre Sahingur, senior vice president of predictive analytics, research and product management for VantageScore, covers the latest default rate data as well as various insights from the card, mortgage and auto industries, as it relates to these unprecedented times.

This recording took place on November 19, 2020. For the updated presentation deck (December 2020 data), please click here.